M’hall upgrades city services


The City of Mendenhall made some final upgrades to close 2018.

New LED lights have been installed at the Mendenhall Sportsplex near the new playground equipment and gazebo that were put in this year. Entergy and the city worked closely together to make this happen.

Mayor Todd Booth announced this project earlier this year when Entergy began moving forward with installing new lights on Highways 49 and 13. He said, “The lights at the Sportsplex are up and they look really good. It gives our Sportsplex a whole new look.”

The Mendenhall Fire Department also received new radios to end the year. The new radios brought the fire department up to date with other agencies and improved the department’s overall operability. The radios will be connected to the MSWIN.

Mayor Booth explained that the city will slowly continue to progress on the frontage road that is expected to run from the Highway 49 and Highway 13 intersection to East Street. The project has progressed slowly due to funds. Booth explained that the process would take longer since the city would be paying for everything.

He said, “We are trying to do it with what we have to work with. Small steps will get you to the same place, but it might take you a little longer to get there.”

The city is continuing to take small steps. The Board of Aldermen recently approved the next step. Booth explained that he will be advertising for dirt work to get an idea of what was needed to move forward. The city will also be applying to receive money from the Emergency Road and Bridge fund, and if successful some of the funds can be used for the frontage road.

Booth said he was proud of everything the city was able to accomplish last year and that everyone is looking forward to a successful new year.