M’hall uses grant to fund road frontage

The Mendenhall Mayor and Board of Aldermen moved to use the $250,000 awarded to the city during the last legislative session to assist with funding the frontage road.

The frontage road project began over four years ago. It was understood to be a slow progressing project due to its cost. Booth explained that the city did not intend to borrow a large sum of money, but would instead slowly work to complete the project using city funds. The $250,000 bond has greatly sped up the timeline. The board agreed to advertise for dirt work on the frontage in November of 2018. Southern Rock LLC produced the lowest bid of an estimated $280,000. The board agreed to apply for a $280,000 loan during the April meeting to move forward with the project. Booth said the $250,000 bond will be applied to the loan, and the city will only have to spend roughly $30,000 to advance the project. The frontage road will run from the Highway 49 and Highway 13 intersection to East Street. Booth said this handles a big portion of the project and establishes the road bed.

Southern Rock LLC began moving dirt Monday of last week. The city has successfully relocated a service pole and fire hydrant to make way for the road. Rain has delayed the project, but the deadline to complete the dirt work has been set for August 6. Booth explained that paving will begin shortly afterwards.

Booth said, “We’re excited about it. It’s neat to see something like that coming into reality especially after we’ve worked so hard on it.”


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