Mable Everett Park

Mable Everett has served as mayor of Braxton for many years. On May 16, she was met with a pleasant surprise when the Town of Braxton dedicated the town park to her.

 Braxton Planners President Virginia Montgomery led the Pledge of Allegiance.  The Braxton Planners were instrumental in beautifying the park and organizing the ceremony.

Following the pledge emcee Richard Rankin gave the invocation and Karen Mosely sang the national anthem. Cemper Scott sang a special song for Everett, “His Eye is on the Sparrow,” whichEverett said is her favorite.

Agriculture and Commerce Commissioner Andy Gipson shared stories of Everett’s selflessness and willingness to serve the people of Braxton. Everett has been a constant in the political landscape of the town and has touched the lives of many citizens in the area, he said.

A new sign was unveiled renaming the park “Mable Everett Park.” The sign states that the park was named in her honor for a lifetime of service as a citizen, town clerk, and mayor. Everett was moved by the gesture and thanked everyone. Reverend Don Patterson gave the benediction to conclude the ceremony.

Mayor Everett said, “That was a wonderful day. Years and years of progress went through my mind, and I was real thankful and proud of everyone who came out.” She acknowledged the efforts of those who planned the event, and everyone who attended.

She said, “Everyone who was there was there because they wanted to be. It was all of my friends coming back to Braxton.”