Magee opens bids for 2019 paving projects


The City of Magee will soon offer a little smoother  ride as leaders make preparation for accepting bids for approval of their 2019 paving projects.

Sealed bids were opened Monday by City Clerk Lane Yearby, Mayor Dale Berry and the city’s new project engineer, Mark Broom. 

The city received two bids for this year’s paving projects, which include the following streets:

Industrial Park SE from railroad to Sportsplex (514’ X 25’)

Adams Street NE (245’ X 25’)

Choctaw Street W (352’ X 30’) & (344’ X 26’)

1st Street SE from 5 way to 1st Avenue NE

1st Street SE behind hospital (310’ X 30’)

3rd Street SE (342’ X 20’)

5th Street SE (1039’ X 25’)

North Hill Drive

9th Ave. from Cherry Street to Elm Street

Francis Avenue from midway to the bottom

Ernest Crosby Lane

Atkinson Drive (approximately 40’ strip)

Washington Street (approximately 60 yard strip)

2 spots on McLaurin

1 spot on Johnson Lockhart

2nd Street SE from 10th Avenue down.

Two bids were submitted, one from Blaine and Company and one from J & L Construction. 

The bid from J & L came in at $105 per ton, ultra thin mix at $107 per ton and tac at $5 per gallon.  Blaine bid $109 per ton, ultra thin mix at $112 per ton and tac at $3.50 per gallon. 

The bids were accepted and made part of the record and will be reviewed for approval by the aldermen at their meeting on May 7. 

According to Yearby,  the bids are good through August 1, 2019, and she expects the work to be started as quickly as the weather turns and stays warm. 



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