Many races won by large margin in election


Election results came in Tuesday night, Nov. 5, and many of the local races were decided by a wide margin.

Of the 17,148 registered voters in Simpson County, 9,444 cast their ballots, and participated in deciding new leadership. This is one of the largest turnouts in recent history with over 55 percent of the voting population participating.

The most anticipated outcome of the election was the decision on the liquor referendum. Simpson County citizens were decisive with 5,162 voting in favor of the sale of alcoholic liquors compared to 3,277 against.

In the sheriff’s race Paul Mullins emerged as the victor. Mullins received 67 percent of the votes to win his race against Darrell Walker.

Witt Fortenberry will be Simpson County’s new Circuit Clerk after defeating Terrence Norwood. Fortenberry received 61 percent of the votes.

Incumbent Tommy Joe Harvey will retain his position as Chancery Clerk. Harvey defeated Willie Ree McDonald and Bill Jerrolds to retain the office.

There will be two new faces on the Board of Supervisors. G. Mitchell Chatman will take over as Supervisor of District 1, and Donny Welch will be the new Supervisor of District 4. Danny Craft, Brian Kennedy, and Randy Moore won their respective races to remain members of the Board.

Coroner Terry Tutor, Tax Assessor Jamie Reed Brewer, Justice Court Judges Ted Blakeney and Charles Savell, and Constables Randall Coleman and Christopher Jones all ran unopposed in the general election.

Incumbent Matt Sullivan was unopposed throughout the entire process to remain District Attorney of District 13.

In the State Legislature Senator Chris Caughman will retain his position as Senator of District 35. Simpson County voters played a part in four State House of Representatives races. Representative of District 77 Price Wallace ran unopposed to retain his position. Tome Weathersby will represent District 62 and Noah Sanford will represent District 90. District 91 will be represented by Bob Evans.

The next governor of Mississippi will be Tate Reeves. Reeves won Simpson County convincingly, receiving  5,454 votes. This was good for 58 percent of the ballots cast. Jim Hood received 3,784 votes in Simpson County. This trend was true statewide, and Reeves won after receiving 449,746 votes compared to Hood’s 402,080 votes.

Delbert Hosemann won the Lieutenant Governor’s race decisively.  Hosemann received 6,218 votes in Simpson County, and 512,899 votes state wide. Hosemann won with 60 percent of the ballots cast. His opponent, Jay Hughes, received 3,047 votes in Simpson County, and 339,116 votes over the state.

Michael Watson will serve as Secretary of State for Mississippi. Watson defeated Johnny Dupree after capturing 59 percent of all ballots cast in the state. Lynn Fitch defeated Jennifer Collins for the office of Attorney General, and David McRae defeated Addie Lee Green for the position of State Treasurer. Shad White ran unopposed in the general election and will serve as State Auditor.

Incumbent Agriculture Commissioner Andy Gipson defeated Democratic Challenger Rickey Cole to retain his office.

Mike Chaney was named Commissioner of Insurance after defeating Robert Amos.

Dane Maxwell received 62 percent of the ballots cast, defeating Connie Moran to be named Public Service Commissioner of the Southern District. T

Tom King ran unopposed to retain his position as Transportation Commissioner of the Southern District.

Election results for Simpson County were certified Wednesday. The following results are unofficial totals from election night.


Jim Hood-3,784

Tate Reeves-5,454

Bob Hickingbottom-29

David Singletary-124

Lieutenant Governor

Delbert Hosemann-6,218

Jay Hughes-3,047

Secretary of State

Johnny Dupree-3,301

Michael Watson-5,904

Attorney General

Jennifer Riley Collins-3,378

Lynn Fitch-5,956

State Auditor

Shad White-7,404

State Treasurer

Addie Lee Green-3,040

David McRae-6,209

Commissioner of Agriculture

Rickey Cole-3,082

Andy Gipson-6,179

Commissioner of Insurance

Robert E. Amos-3,029

Mike Chaney-6,253

Public Service Commissioner

Dane Maxwell-5,957

Connie Moran-3,221

Transportation Commissioner

Tom King-7,392

District Attorney

Matt Sullivan-7,356

State Senate Dist. 35

Chris Caughman-7,443

State House of Rep. 62

Tom Weathersby-79

State House of Rep. 77

Price Wallace-5,360

State House of Rep. 90

Noah Sanford-1,343

State House of Rep. 91

Bob Evans-884

Chancery Clerk

Tommy Joe Harvey-6,277

Willie Ree McDonald-2,717

William J. Jerrolds-278

Circuit Clerk

Witt Fortenberry-5,770

Terence Norwood-3,528


Terry Tutor-7,508


Paul Mullins-6,302

Darrell Walker-3,049

Tax Assessor

Jamie Reed Brewer-7,445

Supervisor District 1

G. Mitchell Chatman-1,410

Supervisor District 2

Danny Craft-1,594

Supervisor District 3

Brian Kennedy-1,619

Supervisor District 4

Donny Welch-1,309

Hardy Williams-535

Supervisor District 5

Larry Barnes-653

Randy Moore-1,496

Justice Court Judge Post 1

Ted Blakeney-3,411

Justice Court Judge Post 2

Charles A. Savell-3,986

Constable Post 1

Randall Coleman-3,478

Constable Post 2

Christopher Jones-3,994

County Wide Liquor Referendum