Mendenhall devotes $90K to paving streets


The City of Mendenhall opened bids for the 2019 paving project on June 17 and awarded the project to J & L Enterprises.

J & L quoted the city $119.17 per ton and for ultra-thin mix $124.85 per ton. The price for SSI TAC was listed at $5.18 per gallon. The city had used J & L Enterprises last year.

The proposed budget for paving this year was approximately $90,000. Given the budget and price per ton the city had approximately 700 tons available to fix various streets. The Board of Aldermen previously agreed on how to determine which streets to fix. The places around town that were dug up to repair water lines and substructure were the first priority. The remaining material was evenly divided among each ward. The streets to be fixed were determined by each ward’s alderman. Each alderman created a list of the worst streets in that ward. They later revisited and prioritized the list, with the worst streets taking priority.

Mayor Todd Booth said the paving project went well and tht each ward received some attention.

The city was able to repair several places around town that were dug up for repairs. Booth said places on North Main Street, South Main Street, Cemetery Street, Mamie Drive, and Universal Drive were patched where previous construction had taken place.

From the remaining asphalt each Ward was able to make repairs to at least two streets. The following streets received repairs: Springhill Drive, Ross Drive, Lee Street, Bell Street, East Street, Mitchell Street, Mamie Drive and Sunny Lane.

Booth said, “We were real pleased with what we were able to get done.” Booth said the city will be able to get more accomplished next year with nearly double the budget. He reiterated that the goal for next year is to budget approximately $200,000.

The Mayor and Board of Aldermen are currently working on the budget, and Booth believes the goal will be feasible. He said, “I believe we have the budget in good shape, and just have to do some fine tuning.”

The board plans to have a budget workshop and budget hearing in the near future.