MGH enters management contract


The board of  Magee General Hospital is entering into a management agreement with Trilogy Healthcare Solutions.  
Amy Tolliver, chief operating officer for Magee General, said of the contract that Trilogy has been working for several months with Magee General, and the board action represents a more defined relation with Trilogy.  Tolliver said the hospital board will continue to operate MGH and utilize the expertise afforded by Trilogy, a Flowood based company.  
Tolliver said of Trilogy, “They have the background to work with us and will be making recomendations to improve patient services.”  Tolliver said some of the suggestions are small but make sense. She said as of Sunday the hospital will only offer patient meals, which will no longer be available to the staff or public.  
She said this was unpopular but it was a business decision that needed to be made and that was a recomendation of Trilogy.  This was a service that was costing the hospital.  In the future nutrition service will be limited to patients.   
Services listed on the Trilogy website has their services listed as:  Interim management services for hospitals and physician practices. Long-term management services for hospitals and physician practtices. Transitional management services that include: change of ownership or control, oversight and coordination, prepartation for navigation through acquisition or affliation negociations and execution.  Consulting and management services for hospitals and physician practices that includes all aspects of day to day management and optimization of outcomes.