JACKSON, MS – in efforts to continue providing up-to-date crash reporting and compliance

with national reporting standards, the Mississippi Highway Safety Patrol recently launched a new

crash reporting system called eCrash, which is an electronic crash form and transmission system

developed in conjunction with the Center for Advanced Public Safety (CAPS) at the University of

Alabama. It is the new system of record for all accidents in Mississippi.

The eCrash system provides the necessary tools for law enforcement officers to prepare a crash

report including both crash location functionality and crash diagram support. The uniform crash

reporting system is used by law enforcement officers responding to a crash under Miss. Code Ann.

§ 63-3-411(3) and § 63-3-415. Through electronic submission, the data will now be immediately

available in the database which eliminates the need to mail in paper crash forms and to have

personnel type in the data from handwritten forms. This major improvement in reporting now

makes the process easier and more accurate.

Law enforcement agencies throughout the state have partnered with the Mississippi Department

of Public Safety/Mississippi Highway Safety Patrol in system development and training

opportunities to get more acquainted with the new system. “We would not have been successful

in our efforts to activate the new eCrash system without the support and participation from law

enforcement agencies across the state, and I want to thank them for their efforts,” said Colonel

Chris Gillard, MHP Director. “Mississippi is now meeting the new standards for crash reporting,

and this is another way we are continually moving forward in improving public safety for the

citizens of our state.”

“By working together, we are confident that we have implemented a quality system that meets the

collective needs of law enforcement and agencies dedicated to improving highway safety. The new

eCrash system allows officers a more advanced tool to do their job and better serve the needs of

the public,” said Lt. Colonel Randy Ginn, MHP Deputy Director.

Point of contacts for eCrash are MHP Lt. Larry Smith at lwsmith@dps.ms.gov and Patricia Bryant

at pbryant@dps.ms.gov. For additional information please visit https://ecrashnews.dps.ms.gov