MPD officers save man’s life

On July 7,  at approximately 11:30 p.m. officers from the Magee Police Department responded to an address inside the city limits to assist with a medical call.  AMR had also been dispatched to the residence. 

When officers arrived, they encountered a male on the front porch of the residence with blood spraying profusely from his left arm.  It should be noted that this was not caused by any foul play or assault. The gentleman had a medical port of some type in his arm that had allowed his arm to hemorrhage. 

Sgt. Jones with the Magee Police Department immediately reacted by applying his tourniquet to the man’s arm, stopping the flow of blood. 

Shortly after the tourniquet was applied, officers on scene were advised by Magee PD Dispatch that AMR was still approximately 15 minutes away.  At this point, the man stopped breathing.  As officers were preparing to begin CPR, the man began breathing on his own again. 

Officers then placed the man in a marked patrol car and transported him to Magee General Hospital for treatment.  He was stabilized at Magee General and then transferred to Forrest General, where he was treated, then discharged.

Chief Randy Crawford said he would like to thank Sgt. Jones, Officer Bryant, Officer Cooper, and Officer Brown for their quick thinking and actions in this situation, saving this man’s life.  Chief Crawford also said he would also like to thank Dr. Norman Miller with the Central Mississippi Trauma Region for supplying the training and tourniquets for all of the local police officers at no charge to the department.  

Chief Crawford said, “The Magee Police Department and I send our prayers and best wishes for a speedy recovery for the citizen involved in this traumatic event.”