P-16 works to improve Magee High’s ratings


One of the purposes of the P-16 committee is to make recommendations to the school board for schools which are not performing well academically. 

The P-16 program is mandated by the State Department of Education, which helps to solve problems within schools who are not performing to standards.  Simpson County currently has a “D” rating from the state.

Magee High has a D rating also, which was the reason the committee was established.  One of the things the committee does is to report their findings to the Simpson County School District.  According to the Department of Education, those suggestions are to be considered and reviewed by the local board of education. 

The local council was formed in November of 2018 with 25 people becoming active in the program.  Reverend Ralph Walker was selected as chairman of the group, which started meeting focusing on three primary areas as suggested by the school district:



-Course performance


After meeting for a few times the council reported  their recommendations to the school district to help improve issues facing Magee High. 

Making the presentation to the school board were Ralph Walker, La Craft-Jones, Parent of the Year for Magee High and Pam Parish. 

With regard to attendance, P-16 suggested that students be rewarded for perfect attendance.  They also suggested minimum attendance standars for students to pass a grade.  They are also advocatingfthat the age of mandatory attendance go from 17 years of age to 18. 

Behavior Suggestions

Discipline alerts at the district level.  Dress code violations would require a parent to return with student to school.