Paul Mullins takes office January 3


Paul Mullins emerged as the victor of the November sheriff election and is eager to take office. Mullins is eager to get started in his new role and will officially be sworn in on January 3. Mullins said, “I’m ready to hit the ground running.” He explained that the primary reason he ran for office was to get back to where he started and serve his community. Mullins’ career in law enforcement started in Simpson County in 1989. He started as a dispatcher and jailer and worked his way up. He later transferred to Richland and then to Pearl.

Mullins has been consistent with his message of wanting to establish a good relationship with the public and build trust. He said, “Being a sheriff is unique and not like any other position in the county. The sheriff is elected by the public and has to work for the public.”

Establishing trust is a key function of any law enforcement agency, and it seems to be a point of emphasis for Sheriff Mullins. Mullins has over 28 years of county law enforcement experience, and knows what it takes to work in a community and build that relationship.  He said, “Interaction with the community is important. Without help from the community it’s difficult for law enforcement agencies to do their job.” He shared his ideal of how everything works together. He said, “It’s like a triangle, it takes the community, law enforcement, and the judicial system. There has to be trust between all three, and all three has to work together for things to be successful.” Mullins plans to build on these relationships during his term.

Mullins has several plans after taking office. He plans to strengthen the prison ministry, and make sure it is available for any inmates who are interested. Mullins said he eventually wants to have people help with the rehabilitation of inmates through teaching them life skills that will help with their transition back into society. A big initiative that Mullins wants to get started is establishing a deputy presence at schools as a deterrent from any criminal activity. He said, “I plan on going to work with the school board to try to get a police presence back in our school. I want to get a deputy presence in each school in our county for the safety of our children.” Among other things, he also plans to keep citizens informed of what is going on in the county.

Mullins is ready to take on the job as sheriff, and work with the people of Simpson County to make it an even safer place to live.  He said, “We will have a good rapport with the community and treat everyone with fairness to make sure the entire county is safe.”


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