Real Pure Bottling requests exemption


The Simpson County Board of Supervisors re-approved the original five-year request for ad valorem tax exemption for Real Pure Bottling Company at their last board meeting.

The board can approve up to a ten year exemption, but it has become the practice to approve five years and once the request is made again they can approve the second five year request. 

In the Sheriff’s Department the board approved Marie Black and Sharon Fewell attending an Emergency Telecommunications course in Pearl. 

The board approved Justin Hurtt moving from  jail duty part-time to dispatch.  A promotion was approved for Kelvin Jones from Sergeant of Investigations to Lieutenant of Investigations.  Mark Herrin was hired as Sergeant of Investigations. 

The Board of Supervisors approved the extension of an  emergency board order to allow for bridge repairs.  The board ratified action of the administrator purchasing a tank rail car to be used as a culvert in the amount of $11,208. 

The board approved advertising for the disposal of vehicles from the Sheriff’s Department. 

The board approved the emergency bridge replacement fees for claims on the Rockport to New Hebron Road as well as the Heed-Neely Road. 

A recessed meeting was set for the board January 23 for the purpose of consideration of new motor graders as well as two backhoe loaders and other business that may come before the board.  The next regular meeting is set for February 3.

Other news to surface at the county level was notification that the company that subcontracts with AMR ambulance services will no longer operate air services from Magee General Hospital.  County Administrator Rhuel Dickinson said the agreement the county had was that they would offer air services as long as it was profitable.  Citing the reason it was not profitable prompted the removal of the air service.