Rep. Guest updates Foundation board


Mississippi Third Congressional District Representative Michael Guest spoke with board members of the Simpson County Development Foundation on Wednesday April 24.

Guest updated the board on some of the issues circulating in Washington, D.C., that are affecting Mississippi. Agriculture is one of the largest industries in the state. Guest alluded to the fact that he is working with the current administration to ensure that farmers in Mississippi are treated fairly and given an opportunity to compete on a national level.

Guest said he is working with the current administration with focuses on expanding an opening market in China and Central and South America. He said this will give the state’s farmers a chance to increase their products sold around the world.

Guest said his office is also placing an emphasis on strengthening and properly funding the military, saying that Mississippi is deeply rooted in the military across all branches, and highlighting Camp Shelby, the largest National Guard base in the country. He also said that the next generation of radars being installed in Navy ships is being produced in Mississippi at Raytheon.

He said, “As a member of Congress I am working to make sure our military is fully funded and they have what they need to do that difficult job.”

Guest said the biggest problem the country currently faces is the security of the southwestern border. He said the migration crisis is growing, largely due to the northern triangle of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. According to Guest, Congress is examining the growing immigration numbers and taking a closer look at the immigration system in place. He believes a priority should be made to secure the border so individuals entering the country can be screened.

He also called for a revamping of the asylum based programs that some aliens invoke to enter the country. Guest suggested this is a national priority that members of both parties are working to resolve.

Guest spoke of national fiscal responsibility. He said the country is operating with a budget of just over 3.5 trillion dollars, but programs are being proposed that would cost well over 90 trillion dollars. He supports operating within the budget and properly maintaining the programs in place. He spoke of the needs within the country, specifically Mississippi, and how hospitals in the area are in desperate need of funding.

He said, “People need a place where they can go and receive the care they need, and can be seen by people in their local communities.”

 Guest shared stories about his experiences in Washington D.C. and closed by thanking the citizens of Simpson County for their support.