Reynolds to be appointed interim sheriff


A special called Board of Supervisors meeting was held Tuesday morning with the purpose of proceeding with the appointment of Greg Reynolds as interim sheriff of Simpson County.

This followed a visit to  Sheriff Donald O’Cain at Methodist Rehab in Jackson, where he is recovering from an unspecified health issue.  Supervisors  Brian Kennedy and Danny Craft visited the sheriff to help make a decision on the ongoing operations of the Sheriff’s Department. 

Reynolds, who is chief deputy, has been in charge since the sheriff was taken to Jackson via ambulance on October 15.  Sources who wish not to be identified claim the sheriff suffered from a stroke. 

Inquiries to the Sheriff’s Department as to the sheriff’s  health have been met with nothing more than, “His health is improving.” 

Supervisor Craft reported that the sheriff is amendable to the appointment of Reynolds as interim.  The county is preparing a letter for the sheriff to that effect, saying that Reynold would serve until Sheriff O’Cain is capable of returning to duty.  Craft said it may be between two and six months. 

On a motion by Curtis Skiffer and second by Mickey Berry the board passed a motion to request that Circuit Judge Eddie Bowen make the appointment. 

Sheriff O’Cain will continue to be paid as sheriff and Reynolds will be paid at the same rate as the sheriff, $90,000 per year.  Reynolds must also be bonded in order to assume the position. 

If all the paperwork is processed it is expected that Reynolds will be officially appointed and sworn into office this week.