Scam alert to our senior citizens

Attention to our seniors in our community.  There is currently a scam going on in Simpson County.

Callers from Texas are calling senior residents in our community according to Vera Sullivan, with account information on them personally.

They know who they are speaking to and are telling the bank customers that the bank will be temporarily closing.   So if they want to have access to their funds they should obtain prepaid debit cards from local business and to contact them back for additional information.

Once the transactions have been made they are to contact the companies and they get the codes from the card which allows the fraudulent company to access the funds,

One customer who relaid the story in Simpson County was the victim of $800 in theft and there was another for $3,000.

The local sheriff’s department has been notified and suggest to notify authorities in the event you have a call of this nature.  Contact was made where the calls are to be originating in Texas and there were a large number of complaints that had been filed with local authorities.


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