School scores show slight increases


According to Simpson County Deputy Superintendent, Debbie Davis, the scores for the schools in the district seem to be showing big improvement in the set of benchmarks measured over where they were from the first of the year. 

Davis was particularly complimentary of the administrators for the work they had shown and of improvements that had been made by this round of benchmarks as stated in the board meeting.  

According to reports presented by Mendenhall High School, they have shown increases in Algebra I.  The number of proficient students has increased and growth  has been growth shown.  The expectation is that students will continue to show improvement. 

English II had a lower proficiency rating but growth had improved.

Biology I showed an increase in student proficiency.  

U. S. History has shown significant improvement over last year.  The school is offering additional remediation for students needing help. 

Mendenhall Middle School is showing improvement over the last bench mark test scores,  which indicates, based on percentages,  that their instruction is improving.  Consistency has been shown from grade five though grade eight.  This includes reading as well as mathematics. 

Mendenhall  Elementary is experiencing their successes also.  ELA or Language Arts is showing improvement.   The first and second grades are showing improvements, and third and fourth grades are using Wordly Wise, a new curriculum. Indicators are that it will improve Gateway testing that third graders must pass. 

Eureka Math was added to kindergarten this year, and students with additional needs are being identified to improve their testing scores. 

Simpson Central School had positive response in reading as well as mathematics with a few noted exceptions that are being addressed. 

Simpson Central is also doing targeted intervention for students identified as needing additional assistance. 

Grade four is making curriculum changes to better meet student needs. 

Magee High School saw a decrease in improvement for Algebra I.  English II is showing increased scores after starting out slow for the year.  Biology I showed a slight increase, but U. S. History showed a significant increase.  Graduation rates are continuing to improve for Magee High. 

Magee Middle School is meeting growth requirements at 66 percent with a 100 percent growth at the fifth grade level and increases at other levels with the exception of seventh grade, which reported 0 percent growth objectives. 

Plans are in place to help students who have been identified as needing remediation. 

Magee Elementary is continuing to show increases in proficiency of grade level requirements.  At the same time they are reducing the number of students who are identified as “at-risk.”

As tradition the board changed leadership for the upcoming year.  Danny Cowart was selected to serve as president of the board, Lillie Hardy is to serve as vice president and Patrice Boykin will serve as secretary to the board. 

The board approved the acceptance of a $750 donation from Bancorp South to the Mendenhall Economics Class.