Sheriff Mullins reports 16 weapons missing


A new county official coming on board after last Friday’s swearing in ceremony has prompted questions about missing inventory, specifically confiscated weapons from the Sheriff’s Department. 

The “New Sheriff in Town,” Paul Mullins, came to the year’s first Simpson County Board of Supervisors meeting on Monday and reported missing weapons from the sheriff’s inventory, 16 to be specific.  He told the board he did not know who had taken them or when they went missing. 

He added that upon contacting the state audit department he was advised to place them on NCIC, where stolen goods are reported so that if they show up they will be reported as stolen. 

Mullins told the board that the weapons in question should be handled that way, according to the State Auditor.

The weapons in question include:

12 gauge shotgun, with no serial number;

Colt 45 pistol, serial 60854;

Mossberg 12 gauge shotgun, serial um707400;

Remington 12 Gauge shotgun,   B 904089m;

Rossi 38 pistol, w248057;

Taurus 38 pistol, no serial number;

Mossberg 12 gauge shotgun, serial um194185;

North American Arms 22 pistol, serial w30516;

NAA 22 pistol, serial e908309;

Colt Trooper 22 pistol, serial 60854;

Smith and Wesson 38 pistol, serial 5d12847;

Walther 7.62 rifle, serial 114196p;

High Standard 22 pistol, serial m025979;

Fie 38 pistol, serial f408000;

Hawes 22 pistol, serial 60785.

The same weapons had been reported to the Board of Supervisors by Interim Sheriff Greg Reynolds.  They were reported to be part of the inventory when former Sheriff Kenneth Lewis left office.  This would indicate that the weapons came up missing during the administration of former Sheriff Donald O’Cain, who followed Lewis in office. 

Mullins told the board the he would like to keep all the existing personnel in place under a six-month probation period.  The board agreed.  He did propose several changes: Greg Reynolds will assume the role of under sheriff;  James Ingles will take the role of jail administrator in a parttime position;  Fred Williams, former jail administrator, will move to the position of School Resource Officer.  Mullins said it is his plan for the department to have a stronger presence in the public schools. 

Danny Craft was elected by the board to serve as their president for the upcoming year.  Randy Moore will serve as vice president. 

All county officials and employees were reappointed by the board to their positions. 

Outgoing Tax Assessor Charles Baldwin reported that he had been notified that he is listed as a plaintiff in a lawsuit being filed by Mississippi Hub.  The suit concerns the valuation of Mississippi Hub.  The company is filing an objection to their valuation on the county tax roles. 

Road Manager Ben Warren reported that the department had worked with the Simpson County Development District in doing some maintenance in the Highway 13 industrial park. 

The board received a request from the school district for the credit on past due balances on property taxes that were not paid on 16th section leases.  The board said they did not have the authority to act on this matter, and the request was tabled. 

Kenneth Lewis was placed on the Simpson County Development District replacing Evelyn Copeland, who tendered her resignation. 

The next meeting of the board is set for Wednesday, January 15.