Some good news in public school scoring


While the scores may not have been as good as some would like, some positive things are still occurring in the Simpson County School District.

This positive information surfaced at last week’s school board meeting. 

One of the biggest improvements is that while Simpson County still has a “C” rating from the state, county students showed significant increases in some areas.  The most significant is that the district improved  scores from last year by 54 points and is now only 34 additional points from a “B” rating overall.  Reading proficiency went from 28.9 percent of students able to read on grade level to 34.7 reading on grade level. 

Growth--improved performance from the previous year--is an indicator that has a multiplier impact on the final score.  It is counted as the actual growth as it relates to the individual score but it also is counted again in the composite score of the lower functioning students.  So it impacts individual student scores, but also improvements in that group’s performance in  a baseline score counts for a second numeric value. 

Math increased in the district from 30.2 to 34.3 percent of students doing math on grade level.  History proficiency dropped slightly from 37.7 to 35.1.  Science maintained the same performance level at 54.6.  Reading growth dropped slightly from 55.3 to 54.5.  There was a slight increase from 48.6 to 49.1 in math growth.  Reading Low Growth showed a slight increase from 57.2 to 57.8. 

Math Low Growth went from a 49.1 in 2017 to 56.5 in 2018. 

The graduation rate increased from 81.1 to 86.6 percent graduating from high school. 

The Third Grade Reading Gate fell.  Simpson Central went from 97 percent to 79 percent.  Mendenhall went from 98 percent to 71 percent.  Magee Elementary went from 87 percent to 69 percent.  

Magee Elementary fell a total of 7 points from a 432 to 425.  The good news, however, is they are only 17 points away from scoring an “A” rating.  Dr. Paul Lawrence has been principal at Mage Elementary for four years, for two of which the school has moved from a “D” rating.  Reading proficiency fell from 40.8 reading on grade level last year to 37.9 this year.  Math proficiency rose from 40.8 to 47.3 this year.  Reading growth dropped this year from 71.9 to 62 percent. 

Math growth increased from 76 percent to 78.6 .  Reading growth dropped from 71.9 to 62 percent.  Math Low Growth went from 70.8 to 60.6. 

Magee High School’s total points went from 524 to 509, earning the school an “F” rating, but the score was only one point from a “D” rating-510.  Reading proficiency dropped from 33.7 to 31.1.  Math proficiency went from 10.9 to 14.3.  History went from 33.3 to a 35.1.  Science proficiency remained 43.3.

Reading growth dropped from 56.6 to 49.7.  Math growth dropped from 52.6 to 40.3.  Reading Low Growth showed a slight increase from 55 to 55.7.  Math Low Growth went from 92.2 to 67.9.  Acceleration, which is credit for A/P or dual credit courses offered, went from 34.6 to 71.7.  The graduation rate went from 80 percent to 81.8.  Dr. Tom Duncan is in his second year as principal of Magee High School. 

Magee Middle School showed an increase in total points from a 283 to 303.  Reading proficiency went from 20.8 to 25.7 percent.  Math went from 19.3 to 22.9 and Science remained 47. 

Reading growth increased from 47.9 to 52.1.  Math growth dropped from 47.1 to 40.9.  Reading Low Growth increased from 52.5 to a 61.5.  Math Low Growth went from 48.5 to 52.5.  The overall gain was 20 points on a total of 25, at which point the school  would improve to a “C” rating. Tracye Pierre, Magee Middle School principal, is in her first year there. 

The light shined at Mendenhall Elementary.  They saw an increase of 60 points from 330 to390 and are only 52 points away from an “A” rating at 442.  Their reading proficiency dropped slightly from 43.2 to 41.4.  Math proficiency increased from 45.9 to 48.5.  Reading growth dropped from 65.4 to 58.8.  Math Growth increased from 43.6 to 71.5 percent.  Reading Low Growth dropped from 66.1 to 45.8. Math Low Growth went from an 18.8 to 68.1.  The principal, Rhonda Berry, has served 10 years as principal. 

Mendenhall High School saw a slight drop in their overall score from 545 to a 538, maintaining a “D” rating.  Reading proficiency dropped from 44.4 to 33.3 percent proficiency.  Math proficiency fell from 20.9 to 19.7.  History proficiency dropped slightly from 40.8 to 38.2 percent.  Principal Romonica Feazell has been in the position for one year. 

There was an increase in science from 51.4 to 52.9 percent.  Math dropped from 58.5 to a 49.1 percent.  Math Growth fell slightly from 45.5 to 44.1 percent.  Reading Low Growth fell from 60.6 to 48.5 percent.  Math Low Growth fell from 75 to 72.9.  Acceleration improved from 32 to 64.6 percent.  The graduation rate improved from 81.9 to 89.2 percent.  

Mendenhall Jr. High saw significant increase in the total point score from a 262 to 325, which brought them from an F to a D rating and only three points from a “C” rating and 52 to a “B” rating.  Reading proficiency at MJHS went from 22.6 to 30.1.  Science remained the same at 58.  Reading Growth increased from 48.6 to 52.6.  Math Growth went from 32.2 to 48.8.  Reading Low Growth went from 49.7 to 61.7. 

Math Low Growth went from 32.7 to 51.9.  Principal Sydney Magee is  in her first year as principal. 

Simpson Central showed an increase in total score from 401 to 426, which is 16 points from an “A” rating.  Reading proficiency increased from 46.3 to 48.2.  Math proficiency increased from 48.3 to 57.2 and Science maintained at 79.8.  Reading Growth dipped slightly from 62.5 to 59.8.  Math Growth increased from 48.3 to 57.2.  Reading Low Growth dropped from 63 to 47.8.  Math Low Growth increased from 39.5 to 59.3.