Some residents ticketed for burning

Despite thinking it is okay to burn because the recent burn ban may be officially lifted soon, some residents were getting tickets last weekend from the Sheriff’s Department for burning.

However, Simpson County Emergency Manager, John Kilpatrick told the Simpson County Board of Supervisors at their meeting Monday that the ban could be lifted as soon as Wednesday of this week. 

Kilpatrick also reported a high number of 911 calls for the month of September with 391 recorded calls.  He reported that the active shooter drills held at the schools went well. 

The board extended the Emergency Bridge Repair Order, which allows for a quicker repair time on county bridge projects. 

The board heard from Rudolph Magee regarding his solid waste bill at 223 Hawpond Road, where  he purchased a home in foreclosure.  According to Magee he had a title search conducted which failed to detect an old garbage fee that was assessed to the property.  His total balance for garbage was $752.  Legally, until the old balance was paid no future payment could be accepted.  So he owed his old bill and his new bill became delinquent because of the outstanding balance.  It was determined that the power was cut off in 1989 so the county agreed to wave the $220 from the previous owner since the house had been vacant until 2016 when Magee purchased it.  However, Magee had to make previsions to pay the balance of the bill before he could purchase an automobile tag. 

The board also determined that it could not be responsible for additional billing for Mildred Carter.  The county paid two bills associated with a water claim made by Carter but determined that the third bill was not their responsibility.  The damage to the water line was thought to have happened when a bush axe was clearing right of way near her property. 

The board agreed to give raises in the Road Department to crew managers for the extra responsibility.  This affected nine people in the department.  Part of the reason was that there was little to no extra compensation for those in leadership positions.  Funding came available when the assistant road manager retired and the position was not replaced. 

County Administrator Rhuel Dickinson made the board aware that tipping fees for garbage waste disposal were about to increase.  The next board meeting is set for Nov. 4.