Stage at Alice Davis Park to get upgrade


Alice Davis Park located on Main Street in Mendenhall is getting a much needed upgrade, thanks to several organizations and individuals around the city.

The Mendenhall Chamber of Commerce has been discussing making upgrades to the stage in the park for the past year. Chamber President Joshua Pierce explained that Mayor Todd Booth put in a formal request to move forward with the project and presented the Chamber with different price quotes in February.

Pierce said, “I had been on the Chamber board for about a year and the idea had been tossed around a couple of times.”

There were several structural problems with the existing stage in the park. The Chamber accepted the quote and began putting money aside to fund the project.

The Mendenhall Business Women’s organization was made aware of the plans for Alice Davis Park and also contributed to funding the new stage. Pierce said the two organizations together were still short of their monetary goals. However the Mendenhall Community Club and Peoples Bank  made contributions to help finish funding the project. Citizens Steven and Deborah Ammann also contributed.

The overall project cost approximately $15,000 to complete, and thanks to several organizations working together the entire city will benefit. Pierce explained the existing stage had no roof, and the stage floor had begun to rot in places. The stage was also holding water in certain areas. Pierce said the new plans will rectify these existing problems.

The addition of the new stage will make Alice Davis Park a more suitable place to host future events. Pierce suggested that certain activities included in Mendenhall in May such as the live entertainment could utilize the new stage. He also said it would be an idea place for events such as the National Day of Prayer or any future political speaking events. He described Alice Davis Park as a “hidden gem”, and spoke of the parks potential in the future.

Pierce said the stage will be impressive once its completed, but he was more impressed with how different organizations came together to make it happen. He said, “There were several organizations involved in making this possible. We all recognized a problem and none of us could fix it alone, but it shows the good that can happen when everyone pulls together with a common goal.”

The stage is anticipated to be finish by next week, and will be available to be used by the citizens of Mendenhall for years to come.