Substitute messages student


A substitute teacher at Magee High School has reportly made inappropriate contact with a female student via the internet.

Simpson County School District leadership has refused comment, saying that the situation is a personnel matter, which is not subject to public information standards. 

However, a local citizen, Darrel Lomax, contacted the newspaper last Friday with details of the incident. 

According to Lomax, students are held accountable and teachers are not.  He reported that contact was made with Dr. Robert Sanders, Human Resources director for the district.  Lomax himself is a certified substitute for Simpson County schools, and he expressed concern that the parent of the child in question does not understand the seriousness of the matter. 

Lomax said that Dr. Sanders escorted the substitute teacher involved in the alleged incident from school property and that the substitute had tendered his resignation.  However, the contact with the student did not stop at that point. 

Lomax said parents are  concerned that the substitute still has contact with other children, which may create other inappropriate situations. 

Details of the incident, including names, were not released by the school district.  Dr. Sanders did say that state and local school policies and procedures were followed in dealing with the incident.  Attempts to log on to those policies through the internet were unsuccessful. 

Lomax identified others who could provide additional information, but  efforts to contact those individuals were unsuccessful.