Summer sees Magee streets being paved


Nothing goes down better in the hot weather than fresh asphalt.  The city of Magee is getting its share as contractor Lance Pearson is currently paving the contracted roads in the city. 

At a recent meeting of the Magee Mayor and Board of Aldermen, Mayor Dale Berry told the board that a new building is coming to downtown Magee and that building inspector Joe Worrell had seen the initial plans for it that morning.

The city will sponsor the annual fireworks show at the sports complex at dark on the Fourth of July.  The Magee Chamber of Commerce will host a barbecue contest and will have sno balls available as well as some kids’ activities. 

Berry reminded the board of the city’s fireworks ordinance, stating that fireworks could be shot seven days before and seven days after a holiday between the hours of 10 a.m. and 10 p.m.  He said that residents should call the police if there are violations of the ordinance and officers would respond.

Berry reported to the board that sales taxes were up $12,000 for the month of May and up $54,000 for the year. 

  Berry reminded the board that they had budgeted $35,000 for basketball courts in the Goodwater Community and the funds had not been spent.  He said he would like to delay the spending to see how the development of Five County Child Development proceeds with their acquisition of the old Magee Elementary facility as a Head Start center in that area. 

Fire Marshal Charlie Valadie told the board that the Magee Volunteer Fire Department wants to purchase a $400,000  rescue pumper.  To help cover cost, the department plans to sell some equipment for approximately $100,000.  Also, the city expects to get $200,000 from county and state grants so the City of Magee would need to come up with approximately $100,000 for a new pumper.  The equipment the department wants to replace is approximately 30 years old. 

Police Chief Randy Crawford reported to the board that MPD officers had received and had qualified with the department’s newly acquired weapons.  The board approved purchasing new CAD equipment.  Money had been set aside from traffic violations to fund the purchase of an automated record management system that will also maintain historical as well as criminal statistics.  Crawford told the board that the system would manage jail administration as well as court administration.  A planned workshop for review of the equipment will be held on July 9, at 5 p.m.

The city heard from local pilot Dusty Bourne, who expressed interest in getting skydiving re-established at the Magee airport.  The local airport was an active host to skydiving until a fatal accident.  The sport then ceased operation in Magee in 1994.

Bourne told the board that he had made contact with property owners near the airport who indicated that if the sport was handled properly they would have no problem in allowing access as long as it was approved before people came on their property to recover equipment. 

The board asked Bourne to contact all property owners and provide them a list of those owners so that the board could verify that all interested parties would be contacted.