Vets recognized county-wide


Veterans Day was celebrated well in Simpson County.

The Town of D’Lo held their annual Veterans Day Service. D’Lo Mayor John Henry Berry told the crowd that it was important that veterans are honored and recognized, and that reverence should be extended throughout the year. After reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and singing of the National Anthem, all veterans in attendance were met with a standing ovation.

The guest speaker was Senator Chris Caughman, who said the strongest and most reliable thing ever made in the United States is the American Veteran. He recognized the effects that veterans have had on everyone. Caughman said, “They have sacrificed, fought, and protected America’s way of life. They’ve fought to ensure you and I are able to live our daily lives free of tyranny and fear.”

Caughman acknowledged that there is no way to repay these veterans  for their sacrifices but that citizens should be honored to celebrate the accomplishments of the men and women who have served our country.

He described veterans as “ordinary people who have accomplished extraordinary things.” Those who have fought for freedom and paid the ultimate sacrifice were acknowledged. A prayer was offered for the safe return of the men and women currently fighting.  Caughman said, “As individuals and as a community we say thank you, thank you, and thank you.”

These brave men and women are what make America great for everyone who calls it home. Caughman said, “We are only great because of the sacrifices of America’s most selfless citizens, the American veteran.”

Following Caughman the names of deceased veteran were read aloud to honor their sacrifice. The Veterans were treated to cake and coffee afterwards.

Magee’s Veteran Day activities were well attended.  Unlike the traditional parade and musical entertainment by the Magee Band this year had a different focus.

Event coordinator, Joe Worrell, planned to change things and dedicate flags at the new park.  The new park is located by Sears on Highway 49 and is home to the large American Flag. 

Worrell, who is a veteran himself, set up a guess speaker for the event as well as dedication of the flags to the different Armed Services which included; the US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corp and the Coast Guard.  There was also a flag to recognize Prisoners Of War and Missing In Action. 

The featured speaker was a native to Magee, Steve Parham.   Steve is a retired Colonel and his last duty assignment was Camp Shelby, located just south of Hattiesburg.  Parham still has family in Magee, his mother Grace Parham was in attendance for the event. 

Parham discussed his career in the military as well as discussing the importance the military plays in preserving the rights and safety of all Americans.

The crowd was around 100 in attendance.  The ceremonies were sponsored by local businesses and a lunch was served at the community center following the events for veterans and their spouses.