City of Magee opens registration

The City of Magee has opened registration for youth softball and baseball. There will be a $45 registration fee. Baseball will be available for children ages 3-16 and softball from ages 3-19. Children ages 3-12 must register before February 16 for the season to start on time. Softball players 13-19 years old--registration deadline will be April 13. Baseball players 13-16 years old registration deadline will be March 30.

Every season the organization spends hours calling and asking parents to volunteer to coach a team. If they do not get enough volunteers it would lead to canceling the season or having too many players on one team. They are asking that parents urgently consider coaching their child’s team.

You can register at Magee City Hall, Monday - Friday From 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Registration ends Friday, March 3. You can get a registration form at Magee City Hall or you can download forms from the "Handouts" section of the Magee 5Youth Sports website. For more information contact Magee City Hall at 601-849-3344 or visit the Magee Youth Sports website at