Pets need to be fixed

As needed as an animal shelter is in our county, the even greater need is to try to encourage the citizens of Simpson County to spay and neuter their pets. Building another shelter or rescue is like sticking band-aids on the cracks of a dam, trying to hold back the flood of unwanted animals in our county and in the South in general.

More Golf Tournaments on the horizon

The Members Golf Association of Simpson County Country Club is well into its second year and making great strides toward improving the quality of our golf course.  Our two main goals of quality burmuda grass and increasing membership are slowly coming around.  While at times it appears there is little interest in golf in Simpson County, the MGA

Administrator answers, Why we are paying two sheriffs?


Election of local officials is a serious matter; most elected officials are elected for a four-year term.  They remain in office until the end of the term unless they resign, retire, die or are removed for some legal reason.  Elected officials are not required to earn or take vacation or sick leave; they serve in their elective position regardl