City does not respond to senior citizen’s needs at community center

Dear Editor,

I’m writing because The Nutrition Site in Magee has not had any heat since November 21st.  The maintenance man was called but he could not fix it. He told us someone was called to fix it, but he was in Memphis. The heater is still not working.

I called Mayor Dale Berry. His office was closed so I left a message for him to call me; still not returned my call. Mr. Berry had his home phone changed.

There are three or more heat and cooling businesses in Magee we’re still waiting for heater to be fixed.

Someone had a birthday party there and complained about it being cold. Brought two heaters to heat that big building. Can’t feel any heat unless you are right in front of them.

Senior Citizens meet there every Monday-Friday. We are just praying that we don’t get colds or pneumonia.

We were told the seniors would be moving to the old YMCA building in the spring of this year. I hasn’t moved and still dealing with heat problems, plumbing, and the wiring to the stove has a short in it.

Irene Hall


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