Why does Mr. O’Cain resign from office

Dear Editor:

I read in last week’s edition of the newspaper that we the taxpayers are still paying two sheriff salaries. Thank you for reminding us of this situation. Why has the former sheriff not resigned? Should he have not resigned when it became obvious he could not fulfill his duties? Is it not well past time for Mr. O’Cain to tender his resignation?

If Mr. O’Cain is indeed recovering, and will return to work soon, does the law require that his salary be paid in full during the recovery/disability period? If so, does the law require the same for road department, judicial system, school system, and other County employees? If not, why does a Sheriff merit special financial treatment during a disability period? I cannot imagine that there are many jobs that will pay full compensation during a disability period, if any, especially in Simpson County.

Is there is no legal recourse for the County to remedy this problem without waiting for Mr. O’Cain to resign? Enquiring and tax-burdened minds request answers to these questions by Mr. O’Cain and County officials.


Ray Floyd

Simpson County Resident