Woodard wants to make members aware of Shivers Water Association’s water loss

Dear Editor,


To the members of Shivers Water Association, Inc.  As a member you should know the condition of your water company.  The Shivers Water Company is losing mission of gallons of water a month.

January, 2018 - 56.2% water loss, February, 2018 - 46.5% water loss, March, 2018 - 64.5% Water loss, April, 2018 - 57% water loss, May, 2018 - 66.5% water loss, June, 2018 - 60.3% water loss, July, 2018 - 57% water loss and August, 2018 - 61.6% water loss.

Lost more water than what was sold.  The Board of Directors is not following the By-Laws.  If you are concerned about your water company, be at the board meeting Thursday, October 4, 2018 at 6:00 pm at the Shivers Water Office, 1716 Shivers Road, Pinola, MS 39149.

Thank you for your concern.


Earl C. Woodard