Board refuses bid for elementary


When the Simpson County Board of Education met on Dec. 14, members heard a complaint from Bruce Barlow because both his son and daughter had their cell phones confiscated at school by the same faculty person. 

Barlow argued that taking the phone itself for five days was punishment enough.  But in addition, in order to get the phone back, the school had assessed them a fine of $25. 

Barlow said the faculty member “had an issue” with  him and was taking it out on his children.  He also questioned the policy of the school confiscating property and not returning it in the condition it was in when confiscated. 

Board President Stacey Herring told Barlow his comments were limited to 3 minutes and that the board was considering the policy for the next school year. 

Two bids were reviewed for the old Magee Elementary School campus.  One was from David Kennedy in the amount of $2,501 and one from Earl Woodard was for $2,001.  The main reason the board re-bid the property  was that no bids were offered in the first bid term and the board felt it was their obligation to apply due diligence before disposing of the site. 

The board refused both bids and agreed to meet with the City of Magee to further discuss inter-local agreements for re-development of the property.  A special meeting was called for Thursday, Dec. 21, at 5 p.m. for this purpose.

The board accepted the resignation of Magee’s head football coach and athletic director, Tim Coats.  The letter is effective for June 30, 2018.  This was done as an addendum to the regular personnel report. 

The board approved the issuance of a check for $381,481.20 to Larry Sumrall, contractor for the new Magee Elementary School.  There is a $103,257 hold back for the floor in the cafeteria that is having to be replaced. 

At the request of District Superintendent Greg Paes, the board is considering demolition of the Magee Middle original building.  The cost is expected to be over $200,000 so there is a requirement to have an architect involved in the demolition process.  The board instructed Paes to proceed with the process and report his findings. 

The board is in the process of adopting new graduation standards for students.  There will be the traditional diploma with ACT electives.  There will also be a diploma with endorsement options which will include ACT prep and additional electives.This will include a higher level of college preparatory courses along with higher grade point averages. The last diploma type is the distinguished academic endorsement, which also has the college prep courses but also requires a 3.0 minimum grade point average. 

Complete requirements standard for diplomas  will be  published in next week’s edition.  


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