DA publishes sentences

District Attorney Matt Sullivan announces that during the March 2019 term of Circuit Court, multiple defendants were adjudicated guilty and sentenced to significant punishments for the felony crimes they committed in Simpson County.    

Aaron Barber received 20 years for Aggravated Assault.  Marcus Jackson received a total of 5 years for Uttering a Counterfeit Instrument.  Joey Young received 5 years for Felony Shoplifting and an additional 5 years for Felony Jail Escape.  Michael Carter received 4 years for Commercial Burglary.  Darius Ross received 5 years for Felony Fleeing.  James Reese received 10 years Felon in Possession of a Firearm.  Michael Knight received 3 years for Credit Card Fraud.  Jon Christian Warren received 5 years for Grand Larceny.  Derrian Jones received 7 years for Commercial Burglary.  Each of these defendants shall be under the control of the Mississippi Department of Corrections for the entirety of their sentence.  All the defendants’ sentences are conditioned on the specific terms of their final judgments, including number of years to serve incarcerated and/or other supervision and all fines and fees assessed.

 District Attorney Matt Sullivan acknowledges the courage of victims and witnesses, and also the diligent work of law enforcement in their pursuit of justice.