Sen. Sally Doty running for U.S. Representative


Last Wednesday State Senator Sally Doty  visited the paper.  Her purpose, she said, was to make the people of Simpson County aware that she has decided to seek the seat that will be vacated by Congressman Gregg Harper.

Asked about the reason for her decision, she said, “The time is right in my life to seek the position.” 

Doty, of Brookhaven, currently represents part of Simpson County.   She has served two terms as a state senator.  

While in the State Senate she has served as Chairman of the Senate Energy Committee, Vice Chair of the Judiciary A Committee and also serves as one of the five senators on the Joint Legislative Budget Committee. 

Doty said she wanted to make clear that if she is elected she understands that one person can’t make promises to change the system, but that she wanted to work to improve issues like funding for workforce development and community development.

 Doty said she thinks that the rural broadband will help development of “soft skills” that are not as available as they need to be in some areas of Mississippi. 

Doty has worked for support of domestic violence victims, saying that  she is pro-life and an advocate for Second Ammendment Rights.  She has worked to improve campaign finance reform.  

Senator Doty was specific that she does not support the Affordable Care Act.  She said that the program is anything but affordable when deductibles are as high as 5 to 10 thousand dollars.  

With regard to medical care, she said, there needs to be more transparency.  She said she also favors whatever provides the best medical care in rural America. 

Doty has three children. 

She is facing five other opponents in the Republican primary, which is slated for June 5.  There are currently no Democrats seeking the position.