Light project nears end

The City of Mendenhall will soon add another completed project to the books.  The light project near the Highway 49 and Highway 13 intersection should be completed shortly, according to Mayor Todd Booth.

Booth said the purpose of the new lights was to brighten the entrance to the city and make it look more inviting. The underground wiring is complete and the lights are ready for installation.

The city successfully acquired an events grant that will be used toward next year’s Mendenhall in May festival. The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) is still progressing, according to Booth. He said that if approved the grant would be used to fix problems with the sewer and other breakage in the infrastructure.

Roadways are always a concern for any city. Booth revealed that asphalt projects will begin in Mendenhall in August. He explained that the city plans to spend approximately $100,000 on asphalt, which is nearly twice the amount budgeted last year.

These repairs are made later in the fiscal year so other unused resources can be pooled. Any leftover money in the budget is transferred to the road department for street repairs.  Booth said the plan is to continue to budget a little more each year and commit to fixing the city streets.

Booth said, “We are looking at our worst streets, and those will take priority.” City Superintendent Red Lewis is taking the lead on identifying streets in the worst conditions. Booth acknowledged that a few streets need attention, naming Revere Circle, Downs Avenue, Pat Street and Polly Avenue, and Circle Drive near the schools.

He said, “That’s the way we have to do it. We have to fix our worst stuff and work from there.” With the amount of money budgeted for road repair this year, Booth says he believes citizens will see big improvements this year.

Booth said, “It’s a slow process but we are working towards improving.”