Local woman attacked by dog


At just after 1 p.m. last Monday the Magee Police responded to report of a dog attack.

The response was prompted by a 911 call placed of a dog attack by the victim, Janet Sullivan.  The police report said that when Officer Sean Cooper arrived at the scene, Lake Circle the residence of Dr. Tommy Blackledge.  A large white dog was barking aggressively.  Officer Dusty Drennan also responded to the call and they noticed that Sullivan was lying in the back yard.  Other officers arrived at the scene and were able to get Sullivan to safety despite the fact that she was covered in blood from an injury to her right arm. 

An ambulance arrived on the scene and transported Sullivan to Magee General Hospital. 

In the incident report, Dr. Blackledge is reported of saying that he had warned Sullivan about spraying the dog with water.  Sullivan reported that she had been watering beds and removing dead plants from a pot and throwing them over the fence, and that was when the dog attacked her.  It was at this point she called 911.  She also stated she had never been bitten by the dog before. 

Sullivan works with Hand’s Nursery and provides services to customers with flower beds and landscaping.  This was why she was in the backyard of the Blackledge residence.  She was doing maintenance on the Blackledge’s flower beds.   

The dog in question is reported as a Dogo Agentino.  The bred is described on the internet as a fierce hunter but with loyal traits.  It has been banned in the United Kingdom but in very few places in the US.  The city of Magee does not have restricted breeds as part of animal control ordinances.

The report said the case was closed.  Police Chief Randy Crawford stated that no charges were filed because the dog was maintained behind a fence and met local enforcement standards.  He said if other actions are taken it would be a civil matter to be filed in court.  

According to a post on social media from Sullivan’s daughter, Jessica, Sullivan was taken to a clinic in Jackson to have repairs done to tendons and muscles on Tuesday.  She was released and a follow up should be done on Friday.  Sullivan also experienced knee pain when she fell. 

Gary Paul Sullivan, husband to Janet, reported on Wednesday that surgery was successful and she was in some pain. She would need to go back Friday to determine if additional surgery was needed for a finger that may have gotten some nerve damage.