Mississippi Highway Patrol Trooper Rescues Woman from Submerged Car

On Monday, March 4, 2019 at approximately 9:30 p.m., Trooper Robert Taylor Shows was dispatched to a crash scene on I-55 in Pike County. When he arrived, he observed a vehicle halfway under water with the driver still inside.  Trooper Shows knocked out the rear glass to begin a rescue attempt. He could see the woman slumped over in the front passenger floorboard and was under a substantial amount of water. Trooper Shows maneuvered through the broken window and was able to free the woman’s foot that was trapped under the floorboard.

Trooper Shows then removed her from the vehicle placing her in a safe location to await emergency medical personnel. She was transported to the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson due to injuries sustained in the crash and remains in stable condition. “Thank God for men and women like Trooper Shows who selflessly serve a cause bigger than themselves. Underpaid and certainly underappreciated, they continue to do the job no matter what the obstacle or the risk,” said Mississippi Department of Public Safety Commissioner Marshall Fisher.


 Director of the Mississippi Highway Patrol Colonel Chris Gillard added, “Because of Trooper Shows selfless actions, a life was saved and a family was spared the grim news that their loved one wouldn't be returning home that night. This is the very reason why we train hard, for the known and unknown. Each day, committed officers across this country carry out their duties by serving with a purpose. They do not do it for recognition or the money. An officer’s value to society is priceless.” 


 Trooper Shows is a graduate of MHP Cadet Class 62 and was sworn in on March 6, 2018.