MM program begins


Mendenhall Ministries will offer an enrichment program for children this summer.

The program, which begins on June 4 and ends July 13, will serve children ranging from preschool through eighth grade.

Dr. Scottye Holloway of Mendenhall Ministries explained that the purpose of the program is to help students succeed and excel in academics. The program will cover the core classes taught throughout the school year. Holloway said, “It’s an opportunity for students to get refreshers, and we will build them up as students.”

Josie Holloway explained that parts of the program will be geared towards STEM and that the information will be taught by certified teachers. Dr. Holloway stated that the curriculum will include much more than academic training. Robotics, gardening, music and dance will be included, and students will attend several field trips across the different age groups.

A Youth Christian Leadership Development Program will also be available for students in the 9th-12th grade. Holloway said this program will offer classes on life skills and leadership training. He said, “We have had a lot of successful people come through this program.” He said that young people can move on and do great things when they see themselves as leaders.

To register for either program contact the Mendenhall Ministries at 601-847-3421. The cost of the program is $150 for one child. Discounts are given to families enrolling multiple children.

Holloway said, “Some of the people who have been through this program are now leaders of different organizations. It’s something that has been very good for the community.”