Sheriff’s Dept. reports missing guns

The status of some missing weapons surfaced during the board meeting of the Simpson County Board of Supervisors. 

According to Sheriff Greg Reynolds, approximately five pistols are unaccounted for. Two are derringer type pistols.  The guns were listed on the county inventory in 2016 and now the where abouts are unknown. 

Eric Bowen, the property clerk for the county, reported that radioes are also missing from the inventory.  He reported that some of the Crown Victoria vehicles that were on the inventory as well as non-serviceable vehicles in solid waste would be disposed of.    

Danny Moseley of Insurance Associates made a presentation to the board on their insurance for the county.  He is using a different provider from the past, Traveler’s Insurance, shifting to the Mississippi Association of Supervisors Insurance Trust, a move which will save the county almost $100,000.  The new amount will be $173,647 through the new source. 

Moseley reported on a claim the company had paid against Sheriff Donald O’Cain for harassment of Nancy Floyd.  The claim, including attorney fees, cost the insurance company almost $40,000 with the county paying $15,000  of the claim.  The original claim was for $250,000.  There was no acceptance of liability. The insurance company settled the matter.   

The board went on to approve an annual service contract with Upchurch Services for air conditioning and heating at the rate of $33,330 per year with a 5 percent prepayment discount. 

The board also approved a computer support for network services in the amount of $1,200 per month with a $720 per day service contract for over 10 hours of work, which is part of the service agreement with Itech Systems Group.

They approved an annual contract with the company Nightshift for off-site emergency backup for county data in the amount of $4,740 per year. 

The board acknowledged a Chancery Court Order setting the salary of Deborah Kennedy as staff attorney for the court at the rate of $82,500. She will be paid through the state administrative office of courts. 

Members of the board mentioned that Southern Pine Electric Power Company would be conducting a survey for high speed internet and requested members to take the time to complete the surveys that are mailed to them. 

The next regular meeting of the board is set for October 7.