County inaugurates five year plan


On February 21, 2019, in a meeting at Co-Lin Community College Simpson Center, the Simpson County Board of Supervisors, the Simpson County Economic Development District Trustees (SCEDD), and the officers and directors of the Simpson County Development Foundation (SCDF) received the Simpson County, Mississippi, Strategic Plan for Economic Develo

Simpson County is a great place to call home and here’s why

T his week marked the 63 annual  banquet for the Magee Chamber of Commerce. 

That speaks volumes about a community and its leadership.  Mendenhall is also about to celebrate their 60th annual banquet.  It is a great accomplishment that our Simpson County community has that long a tenured success with their organizations.

Busy weeks on both sides at the Capital


It has been a busy last 2 weeks at the Capital as both sides of the chambers finished floor debate on their respective bills.  Now these bills are being referred to the other chamber to be vetted.  A lot of bills have already died but during this next period you will see a lot more bills die as well.  This is a very good process as only the bil

House meets to pass several bills

The House met throughout the week to discuss bills that made it out of committee and to the calendar.  Thursday, Feb. 14 was the deadline for representatives to discuss these general bills.  Any bills not discussed by this deadline died on the calendar.  The bills that were considered this week dealt with a variety of topics. 

House, Senate pass bills to curtail abortion


By a vote of 81-36 in the House and 34-14 in the Senate, nearly identical bills were passed that would prohibit abortions after a heartbeat is detected.  Both bills contained exceptions for when the life of the mother was in danger.  Mississippi joins at least three other states—North Dakota, Iowa, and Arkansas—that have adopted similar measure