Michael Guest running for U. S. representative


Last Wednesday, Michael Guest, a candidate for the Third Congressional District, stopped by the newspaper office for a visit. 

Guest says he plans to run for the seat currently held by Rep. Gregg Harper, who has announced that he will not seek re-election. 

Guest now serves as district attorney for Madison and Rankin counties, where he has a reputation for being tough on crime. 

He did his undergraduate studies at Mississippi State University.  Upon graduation, he attended the University of Mississippi Law School.  As a student, he worked part time for the District Attorney’s office. When he got his law degree, he went to the DA’s office and lobbied for a full time job there, but he was told that there was no money in the budget to pay a full-time person.  Guest asked whether he could have the position if he could get the money in the budget for it. 

He worked with county supervisors and was able to get them to appropriate $2,000 a month for the job, and that is how Guest  began working with the District Attorney’s office.  In 2008 he decided it was time to run for office himself, and he is currently serving his third term as DA. 

Like many others, Guest realized that opioids are a problem, but he saw ways to help solve it.  He says that the federal government needs to fund legitimate long-term rehab programs.  He also believes that “doctor shopping” for multiple prescriptions could be stopped if the penalties were harsh enough.  He said drug courts have also proved to be very successful, and he advocates federal funds going toward drug and alcohol treatment facilities. 

Guest says he supports the Second Amendment and gun rights.  He supports border control,  which in turn, he says, will reduce human smuggling and drug smuggling. 

Guest, 48, is a native of Brandon, and he and his wife Haley have two sons, Kennedy and Patton. 

Currently the following Republicans are seeking office: Sally Doty, Morgan Dunn, Michael Guest, Whit Hughes and Perry Parker.  No Democrats have announced.  The primary is June 5 and the General Election is November 6.