Magee teenager found safe

*Update: Jakayra Floyd has been found safe
Magee High School student Jakayra Floyd, 15, was reported missing at 3 a.m. on Monday morning, Jan. 15, according to her mother, Lakisha Floyd of Magee.
Jakayra weighs approximately 110 pounds.  She has a mole below her right bottom lip and sometimes wears glasses.  She will turn 16 on February 3. 
The mother reported that Jakayra and her brother wanted to spend Sunday night with their aunt in Mendenhall at 105 E. H. Smith Road.  Jakayra took with her a backpack to study for an upcoming test, she said. Floyd added that her daughter had changed clothes when she got to her aunt’s house because the clothes she was wearing were still at the aunt’s residence.
As of Monday morning, Lakisha Floyd thought her daughter’s disappearance was a situation of rebellion because Jakayra’s friend, Marrisa Hayes, was also reported missing but was then discovered at home Monday morning.  
Mrs. Floyd reported that Jakayra’s phone had been taken from her because of having established unknown e-mail accounts as well as a Snap Chat account. Mrs. Floyd said she deemed some of the information on the site inappropriate material that might have been shared.  
Jakayra used her brother’s phone while at her aunt’s house, and two conversations were confirmed by the Simpson County Sheriff’s Department. The brother’s phone was missing when Jakayra was discovered missing.    
Mrs. Floyd is in the process of filing an Amber Report with the state.  
If anyone has information about this situation, they are asked to contact the Simpson County Sheriff’s Department at 601-824-2921.