Eli deserved better


Eli Manning deserved better from the Giants last Friday, 12/1/2017.  It's no surprise when a football team that's having a bad season benches its quarterback. With that said, the way the New York Giants treated Eli Manning this week is shameful.

Manning, a former Ole Miss star, won two Super Bowls with the Giants and started 210 straight games over 14 years. He's also been a good teammate and a role model at a time when too many professional athletes make news for drug use or run-ins with the law.

The Giants have been hammered by injuries this year to their wide receivers and their offensive linemen - the tools any quarterback needs to be successful. But the team said this week that it wanted to see how its two backup quarterbacks would perform.

Manning took the news stoically in public but admitted that the benching stung. If the Giants plan to let him go next year, they could have figured out a classier way to do it.