State Senator, District 35

This past week was a busy week as committees were meeting getting legislation out before next Tuesday’s deadline.   The Senate floor schedule is getting longer and longer now as more bills are passed out of the respected committees.  There are still a lot of bills that have been passed out of certain committees but because they may have been double referred, they are still waiting to come out of the next committee assigned.  Of the more than 3000 bills that are filed each year, most will die this week without ever having any action whatsoever.  This, however, in my opinion is not a bad thing.  Sometimes the less we do in Jackson at the legislature, the better!!  I am now in my fourth year and as I have seen over the years, it is hard sometimes for a really good bill to make it through the first time or even the second year or third year.  Again, this is probably a good thing as bills need to be fully vetted, understood, and supported before becoming law.  At times it can become a frustrating process though when you know there are bills that would make a difference, but for whatever reason they die on the calendar, die in committee, or die in the process to the other side of the Capital.   It is important to me that this year, as we have done in the past three years, that we can get some things done that can help businesses thrive in our state with less regulation and government interference, that opens up some educational options for parents and kids with special needs, that we can continued to find ways to incentivize and help our military men and women, and that we continue to push legislation that protects the rights of unborn babies. Life is sacred and yes, it begins in the womb!!  Please pray for our country and its government leaders all around America.  It is so sad to see what is going on in some states around this great country of ours.  It does my heart good each morning as we enter into session each day, that in the Mississippi Capital we have a preacher lead the Senate each morning in prayer.  Republican, Democrat, black, and white, we all bow our heads and give thanks in Jesus name!!  I am not sure how many other states do this, but in Mississippi it takes place every morning!   Thanks for letting me serve you as your State Senator and please let me know if there is ever anything I can help you with 

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