According to mayor, millage should remain the same


Magee’s mayor, Dale Berry, tells us that he doesn’t see a need to increase the millage for the city for the upcoming year.  Currently 26 mills are assessed to operate the city and its services. 

  A couple of work sessions are set to discuss the budget; the first is August 15 and the second is set for August 29 with both starting at 5 p.m.  

  Berry also was able to gather additional information about the proposed privatization of grass cutting discussed by the city board at their last meeting.  The actual acreage has been determined for the areas to be cut.  The cemetery is 11.5 acres, the YMCA is 16.3 acres and McNair Springs Park is 15.5 acres.  This, along with the right-of-way and medians along Highway 49, is the acreage being considered for bid. No acreage amount was determined for Highway 49. 

  Magee has seen an increase in sales tax revenues this year over last year.  Revenue this year comes in at $2,228,354 compared to $2,080,759, an increase of almost $150,000.  Berry said he had a goal of getting sales taxes to increase to $2.5 million when he was elected to office.   This is comparable to tax revenue in Forest, which is $2,301,310.  Collins came in at $1,713,194.  This information came from the State Tax Commission.  Magee rated 48th in sales tax collections in the state.  

  Berry reported that Burger King has purchased a building permit so that project is still in the making.  Kentucky Fried Chicken, Wendy’s and Holiday Inn Express have remodeling permits.  Dollar Tree discount store has expressed interest in the old CVS building in the Magee Shopping Center.  The owner of a new Italian restaurant plans to open in downtown by October 1.  Berry said another restaurant, G.W. and Jo’s, is preparing to open on Old Highway 49. 

  The city is building a new parking lot at the sportsplex.  The school district has moved the bus barn to Magee, and Magee High School is getting a new fieldhouse.   

  The old YMCA building is being renovated and is complete except for  flooring.  Berry said that community programs would start soon after completion. 

  More buildings are being renovated in downtown, and Berry said that Russell Enterprises was a big investment in downtown along with the residential developments created. 

   A new commercial development on Highway 49, which will be home to Elegant Nails, has been built adjacent to the old Walmart building.   A new mini storage facility is located south of Dairy Queen. 

  Mayor Berry said, “The name of the game right now is retail, and that is where we are seeing the most interest.” 

  More going on than what meets the eye in Simpson County. 

  Watch for an update on what is in store for Mendenhall in your upcoming editions.