Another new year and another round of resolutions


W ell, it is time to do something about it, weight that is.  My britches are tight, my shirts are tight and it is the first of the year.  No better time than the present to start yet another diet, well at least after the New Year. 

It used to be pretty easy to drop 20 or so pounds, but over the years it has slipped up and, well, that 20 probably needs to be closer to 50.  Truth be known it just doesn’t seem to come off as easy as it used to. 

I have noticed little things like the fact that I don’t jump out of the back of my pick up quite as quickly and a few other things that I try to shy away from.  Not sure if that is because I am older or fatter, either way I am just not as spry as I once was. 

 I do not seem to recover from late nights like I once did.  It is not unusual for us to go to bed by nine at night and watch television in the bed rather than falling asleep in the chair. 

 My father used to nap on the weekends in the afternoon and I thought what a waste of time.  It may be he was much wiser than I gave him credit for.  

 So, here is the plan after the New Year’s celebration next week, we are going to do a better job of controlling what we eat as well as getting back into a regular exercise program.  I used to walk every morning or afternoon. 

,I had a visit with the cardiologist in November and his take on things is not the extra five pounds this time but the long term of five pounds multiplying.  So, we are going to follow his directions and loose a bit. 

  Nancy has made the decision she is going to get back on her program.  She lost 75 pounds over the course of a year.  She has gained a couple of pounds back and said she is going to get active and not put it back on.  I am with her, let’s loose now and it will not be worse later, summer is just around the corner. 

  If I had to look for another resolution it may be I would clean and straighten things a bit.  I am a pack rat.  I have stuff-good stuff mind you from years back and I am thinking I am going to need it sooner or later.  So when it comes to tools, well I have a bunch of those. But for some reason, because of other family members I can not always get to my stuff.  Nancy had this bad habit of opening the door and pushing stuff in my shed, the storage room.  Anna Lauren inherited that open the door and stick it trait, at least when it comes to my space. 

Every time she comes home now I put another box in the vehicle for her to take home.  Maybe one day I will get most of my space back. 

I think back about my father as he got older he started minimizing.  He disassembled his rose garden and let the yard take it back.  Man he could grow some pretty roses, but they sure were labor intensive.  Believe me I have tried. 

  I noticed as he got older the closets started emptying and things got much more organized.  I think that was him making things easier for mother to deal with.  His health was beginning to fail and I think he was making things easier.  I can remember as a child he and I went one weekend to clean his mother’s house it was a bit sad but, that too is a part of life.

So, here’s to the new year.  Praying it’s a good one, better than the last. And if you make resolutions, hope you can stick to them.