Bad weather could be lurking just around the corner

It is hard to imagine all the flooding and damage that places like the Mississippi Delta and the Mid-West are experiencing. We have been pretty fortunate from that perspective so far, but we have our own  season of anxiety looming upon us.

  Hurricane preparedness season is here. We normally get some bad weather, though usually nothing like Katrina, which slammed us in 2005.  We need not become complacent, though, because a storm of this magnitude could hit us at any time.

  The key, if bad weather is on the horizon, is just to be prepared.  This can come through some simple steps which, if bad weather comes, will make life much easier to deal with. 

  First of all, you should have an emergency preparedness kit.  It should contain simple things like food and water for three days.  Remember everyone waits until the last minute to get items like bread, milk, eggs and gasoline.  Make sure you have a flashlight with batteries in the event of a power failure.  First aid supplies are a must as well as prescription medicines.  It is always good to have some cash on hand.

For those who may not have been here in 2005, some homes in the county went without power for over three weeks. 

  If you have pets as many of us do you can’t forget Rover as well as the cats and their need for food and water.  It is also good to have an evacuation plan and determine where you would go if you were forced to leave your home.  Share this with family members who may not reside here in the event you were forced to evacuate the area. 

   Communications can be very difficult following a natural disaster and sometimes impossible.  This is why it is important to make a plan and make sure family is aware in the event of an emergency. 

    If you are forced to leave, it is a good idea to have necessities packed and ready to travel.  This should include prescriptions, important documents, cash and of course a full tank of gas before getting on the road. 

  Should you come to a flooded road do not attempt to cross because an automobile can easily be swept away, and if you cannot see the roadway you will not be able to judge how safe it is to cross. 

  In the event a storm strikes the area the most important thing to do is to stay put and weather the storm.  Do not leave during the storm. Also, many injuries occur after the fact with people getting out to see the damage.  The best thing is to stay put so that you do not become a casualty yourself. 

  Keep your cell phone charged whenever possible.  Do not operate a generator indoors.  Generators should not be hooked directly to a home because of the possibility of electrocution or creating a fire. 

  If you follow some of these simple steps if a storm strikes here this season, it will be much easier to cope with.  For additional information you make search the web on what preparations to take during a hurricane.

  Remember it is easier to have a simple plan in place than to create one when the crisis comes.