Board of Supervisors was on target with appointment


With the current uncertainty of the medical condition of Sheriff Donald O’Cain, the County Board of Supervisors had no option other than to notify Sheriff O’Cain of their intention and to appoint an interim sheriff. 

Fortunately Sheriff O’Cain is receptive to working with the board on the appointment of Greg Reynolds as interim sheriff. 

Sheriff O’Cain had the confidence to name Reynolds as his chief deputy and it is appropriate that he should serve until the sheriff  recovers, which was said to possibly be as soon as two months or up to six months.  The board assured the sheriff that they would work with Reynolds during the time the sheriff is recovering. 

*                 *                  *

The supervisors had an early meeting at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, so before board members arrived for the meeting Supervisor Randy Moore and I discussed voter turn out.  He said earlier that morning there had already been a line of about 15 people waiting to cast their votes in Harrisville. 

He said he thought there had been a lot of advertising for people to go to the polls and cast their vote in the election and that he thought it was for the race among Cindy Hyde Smith, Chris McDaniel and Mike Espy for the U.S Senate seat.  He said no one was running for school board from his district but added, “We hope there will be a good turn out for the school board.”

Our community has a lot riding on this election.  If we do not do something about our schools sooner rather than later, our community may flounder. 

*                  *                  *

Last week the Magee Chamber of Commerce was flooded with ribbon cuttings for new businesses. 

On Tuesday, Simpson Nutrition, a new health store that serves teas, shakes and nutritional bars, had a grand opening on Main Ave. 

On Wednesday, Rhonda Cakes and Designs and Cool Beans Coffee held their ribbon cutting.  You can rest assured this was a tasty ribbon cutting!

   On Thursday we had the opening of the new MXM Health Urgent Care located on Highway 49 at the former Movie Gallery.  They will be offering medical services to the community. 

On Friday of this week  another medical clinic, Fast Pace Urgent Care, will have open house at their new facility next to Tractor Supply facing Highway 49. 

So it appears that some new business opportunities are coming to town to offer their services to the community.  This means there will be some new job opportunities for our residents as well, and that is encouraging.