Classes about to kick off for year

Here we are on the verge of starting a new school year and all things that go with it.  It is so very important that we as adults do what we can to encourage our children as the school year develops. According to our administration, one of the most important issues for success is that we have our children in school, ready, willing and able to learn.  Time after time we have been told that one of the most important things we can do is encourage our children to be on time and in the classroom.  Checking in and out of school creates issues for students, teachers and the staff.  So it’s best to commit to being on time and staying through the entire school day.  Exceptions to that should be limited to only the most necessary times. 

Our children need to be able to come to school and focus on what is being taught rather than on things that are not going as they should at home.    Some students will be faced with attending new schools and that in itself can be very challenging.  In most circumstances they will have new and different teachers from the ones in the past, creating yet another adjustment they must make so it is important that we support them in a positive manner.  This includes all different aspects of school activities from riding the bus to being taken to school by a parent.  Everyone has responsibilities and rules to follow in order to succeed.  

Everyone, including the teachers, students and parents, has a role in shaping our children’s education, and we must do our part to make this school year a success and a positive experience for our children.