Good things are happening at Simpson County Country Club


N ew leadership along with a renewed interest in the Simpson County Country Club means things are looking up.

  Last weekend the club hosted the Club Championship.  There has not been this much interest in years and with 45 people turning out for play it was a lot of fun. 

  This year has seen interest in getting a women’s golf group re-established with the direction of Brook Coulson and Jamie Craft. 

  A social committee has been reappointed with Brooke and Dillon along with Pat and Nancy Brown, and there has been more interest in gatherings at the club. 

  The biggest plus for the country club is the new Member’s Golf Association, sometimes referred to Men’s Golf Association.  They have  taken over some of the responsibility that normally falls to the board, and with their help there has been vast improvement at the club as well as the course. 

  The course itself has seen improvement with new Bermuda grass being put down.  There are restricted areas for cart traffic which has allowed for grass to be reestablished.

  Meanwhile the board is working diligently to make improvements with the purchase of a new fleet of golf carts.  New equipment has been purchased for the course to improve the golfing experience.

  Both the board and  the MGA have taken on the role of recruiting new members to the course and through their efforts  have been able to maintain enough cash flow to keep the club operational. 

  That really is an accomplishment in that membership over the years has fallen below the 100 member level mark.  However, due to the work of several people, it looks like the club has been able to void the loss of any members through recruiting new members. 

  There have been some tournaments that have not made.  But there has been a renewed interest in some of the older tournaments and-- bottom line-- it takes a lot of effort to make these come together.

  The Green for the Greens event that was held earlier this summer had to be delayed a couple of weeks but had a very high level of participation.   Some smaller club tournaments have also worked well and the Friday evening scrambles have been held. 

  The next big tournament on the books is the annual Two-Man Bar-B- Que Scramble.  This is normally a big event, a two day tournament that draws a lot of interest.  For information about this tournament, contact the club for details. 

  There is a fund raising tournament that is set for September 14.  The proceeds will help fund a mission trip to Guatamala.  Dr. Rudy Runnels is the coordinator for this tournament.  The format is a three person scramble and entry fee is $100 per person.  Tee time is set for 8 a.m. for additional information.  Contact the country club or Dr. Runnels. 

  There will be a social tournament on September 3, Labor Day with an 8 a.m. tee time. 

  For more information about events and tournaments, or if you would like to become a part of the SCCC, you may call  601-849-3567 and ask for Billy Nuel Williamson.