Idle thoughts about happenings around county


Topping the list for this week’s rant is the school lunch situation.   It is time to poney up and do what is right. Parents, either get with the Free and Reduced Lunch Program or don’t whine. 

  Or your kids will be stigmatized by eating Crustables with a piece of meat and a glass of milk.  That is what most of us ate during the summer for lunch anyway--no biggie.  The central office for public schools sent a notice last Friday that all donated funds were gone.  So Monday would be   Crustables.  Monday came and 13 children had sandwiches and it was okay.  They were given something to eat and past that the school  has met their obligation. 


  The latest rumor is that there is a conspiracy to subvert the outcome of the election as to whether Simpson County will stay wet or dry regarding alcohol.  It is a fact that the bottom of the next to the last paper page does not say “turn ballot over to continue voting.”  However, the final page of the ballot, which has the alcohol vote, does say at the bottom of the page “End of Ballot.”  This should not be an issue on election day in that you have to either vote or acknowledge that you did not vote to cast your ballot.   

  Our advice is to get out and exercise your right to vote. 


  The mayor of Magee tells us that companies or individuals cutting trees and limbs should be registered with the city and have a liability policy in the event of damage to someone else’s property.  He said there is an ordinance to that effect but that currently the only people who are registered with the city are Charles Funchess, Bruce Lewis and Living Waters.   He also stated that limbs and debris should be all picked up over the next two weeks.

  I do know this to be a fact: our community is very fortunate not to have suffered fatalities with the damages that happened on Saturday morning. 

  Hey, did you hear the news that Chandler Pittman, Magee quarterback, has committed to playing ball at Ole Miss?  That shows you  how much commitment this young man has.  Way to go, Chandler!

  It is hard to believe the regular football season has come and gone, or will be after this week. 

  For those who are not archers, hunting season is about to be in full swing.  Heck, Thanksgiving is only a couple of weeks away and then Christmas. 

  It is amazing just how quickly time flies when you are having fun.  The start to a new year is just around the corner and thank goodness it has finally cooled off a bit.  So til next week-Happy trails to you!