The Search and what that really means-it is pretty deep


In my goal to become a better Christian I have taken up some habits that I have found to be helpful.  I think I have mentioned before that when I was a kid, we used to brag, “Well, I have done that before.”  The next guy would say, “Well, I have done that three times.” 

  So the challenge in my current situation was “I have read the Bible x number of times.”  In truth I had never sat down and read the Bible from cover to cover, but now, probably almost three years after starting it, I am nearing completion.  This morning I read Revelation 18.   Due to the fact that there are only 24 chapters in Revelation I hope to complete it this week. 

  But since there are 1,189 chapters in the Bible you can see why it has taken so long.  My goal was to read a chapter a day. 

   I have also started a daily devotional.  What I read may or may not be dated for the correct day, but the idea of reading a devotion daily has changed my perspective for the better. 

  All of this is concluded with a short prayer.  Many times it is for the needs of others. Normally it includes my family, and sometimes I pray for myself.  One thing that I have learned through all of this is that it is okay to pray for even the little things.  It used to be my opinion that you don’t pray for the little things.  I was wrong.  Just read the Bible. It will reinforce the fact that we can pray for all things. 

  So with this preamble we get down to “The Search.” 

  This devotion struck me pretty good this morning.  It talks about us always being in the search.  Here is what that means. 

  When we graduate from college or even high school we are in search of our career.  The author went on to say that when we fall in love we are in search of marriage. 

  The search is never ending.  We are in search of the right vacation or best place to vacation.  We look for a hobby that we enjoy.  I play golf but sometimes it can get frustrating.  So why would you want a hobby that would be frustrating? 

   What are we looking for?  We are looking for enjoyment and something we can be successful with.  And supposedly if you work hard enough at golf or anything else you will get better and thus get more enjoyment from it.   Kind of like living in the future.  At some point down the road, if we keep striving, we think we will be better off than we are today. 

  We are not living in the present. We are living in the future. 

  So where should we be as Christians?  Living in the present and preparing for the future.  If you are living with God in your life right now you are preparing for the future. 

  What a great program and also a great reward in the future.  If you have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ you are already on the road to success. 

  P.S. We hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and gets to spend time with family and friends.