There is so much going on and so little time


t’s difficult to believe that school will start again in just a couple of weeks--like August 7 for the students and sooner for faculty and staff.  The summer has literally flown by, and before you know it will be football season and fall activities will be back. 

  Students have already begun practice for football and cheerleading.  Freshman orientation is being held at Magee this week.  Before you know it Friday night football will be back in full play as students get back into class and start their studies. 

  The folks at Central Office have been at it full blast to make sure everything is in place to start school. 

   At the end of this week Simpson County will have a couple of beautiful and very talented young ladies competing in the Miss Hospitality Pageant in Hattiesburg on July 26 and 27 at the Saenger Theatre at 8 p.m.

  Representing Magee will be Ashlyn Johnston, the daughter of Gwen and Dan Johnston, and from  Mendenhall will be McKenzi Powell.  An addition this year will be Marley Rose as Little Miss Hospitality for Mendenhall, and Addi-Caite Smith will be representing Magee as Little Miss Hospitality. 

  Having been the father of a young lady who was in Junior Miss, I understand the commitment and time it takes from the family to participate in these events. 

  Best of luck to everyone and we hope you enjoy yourself during these events.  

  Another big date which is about to be upon us is the Primary Election, which is Tuesday, August 6.  If a run-off is required it will be held Tuesday, August 27, with the General Election slated for Tuesday, November 5. 

  Offering oneself to serve as an elected official is no easy task.  First of all you have to take the time and effort to get out and solicit support for the race.  If  more than one person is running, someone is  going to be defeated. 

  It never fails that the person seeking office will tell you, “They said they were going to support me,”  but when it comes election time it didn’t turn out that way.  I suppose people do not like being put on the spot as to whether they will support you so will tell you what you want to hear.  It may not be what they actually do. One thing is for sure, the field is going to be narrowed a bit come August 7.

  But you should appreciate these people for getting out and offering themselves for service.  Too many people do not care or are unwilling to invest the time and effort to serve others.


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